Licensing and permit support

Hendriks Landscape not only helps you with the compulsory permits and licenses for your dream realization, we do it for you. As soon as our architect is done with the measurements and drawings of the project we will take care of everything what is needed to get the required documents.

Let us deal with the legal stuff

It can be a long and hard way to finally get the building permit which is needed to start with a specific project. First of all it is important to have all needed papers together and signed. After that, the papers need to be hand in at the congregation of the area, where the project should take place.

As Hendriks Landscape stands for high quality work in detail, you do not have to worry about anything. We will take over the complete process from the first drawings, to the permit up to the successful realization of the project. Therefore, the end result will be even more enjoyable for you.

In depth knowledge of permits and licenses

We know all the roads to create a GO for your project by heart. A permit is a type of authorization that must be granted by a government or other regulatory body before the construction of a new or existing facility can legally occur. Permits are a required prior to the construction of all horse facilities. Each permit, whether it is for a private location or for the use as an equestrian centre, will have conditions that are site specific to these facilities.

Building permits require engineer-approved drawings, which ensure that all facilities, regardless of the materials used, will meet the snow and wind load requirements of the building code specific to the area in which they are built. These can happen due to two different ways, digital or per post. The following steps will be done by the congregation. However, they will contact you as soon as there is anything what they still have to know.

More information about support for property licenses and permits?

Would you like more information about support with property licensing and permits? Contact us or make an appointment online. We work together with experienced landscape architects, legal advisors and fence builders. This unique combination provides an attractive, practical and safe equine landscape.