Stud farm

Stud farm

Make your stud farm stand out with landscaping that facilitates your activities and business in a safe and taking way. Hendriks Landscape designs, develops and maintains the landscape of stud farms and other equine centres.

For professional equine breeding

Whether your stud farm is into breeding jumping horses, dressage horses, driving or all of these disciplines, Hendriks Landscape upports you with equine specialized infrastructure and garden design. When we develop the infrastructure of an stud centre we keep in mind the safety of your stallions, mares, foals and people. For example we:

  • don’t use any toxic plants in the gardens like Jacobsweed and Taxus,
  • pave the streets with non slippery stones that are easily swept clean,
  • use fences made out of wood that are safe for your horses legs,
  • integrate your gardens, roads, riding areas, roundabouts and driveways in to one exclusive area for equine sports.

Check out the projects that we’ve already successfully realized.

More information about stud farm landscaping?

Would you like more information about stud farm landscaping? Contact us or make an appointment online. We work together with experienced landscape architects and fence builders. This unique combination provides an attractive, practical and safe equine landscape.