Private horse stables

Sitting in your beautiful garden and enjoying the sunny weather while watching your kids having fun with the horses right in front of you? Or do you prefer to keep the house separate from the stables to have a private place just for relaxing after a hard working day? There is nothing which Hendriks Landscape could not make possible for your private horse stables.

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How would you like your private horse stables and landscape?

Hendriks Landscape can create a place where the garden gives a direct view on the outdoor arena, horse stables or the field. Besides of that we can also build a garden with a swimming pool for your kids for example. Our company has enough experiences to be able to, separate the garden from the horse stables, which means that while relaxing in your garden, you would not recognize that there are still horses on your terrain as well.

We facilitate you from design, development to maintenance

We will arrange everything for you, so you do not have to worry about anything. Except of course enjoying your new stables and gardens when it is finished. We make sure that all your plans and changes to the terrain are accepted and permitted by the municipality. The renovation of the stables itself will also be arranged by us. The only thing you have to do is tell us your dream landscape and enjoy the results. We will make it happen.

Tell us your equestrian dreams

While during a first meeting you tell us your ideas, what you would like to have or what you would like to change at your current estate. The mixture from our experience and your dreams will create without any doubt the equestrian terrain and home you have always wanted. When you come home you can let go all your worries just by looking at the place you realised. Enjoy your privacy. Private means, that you do not have to share it with anyone you do not want to share it with. Therefore, we will let our creativity free to create a equine landscape that you never want to leave again.

More information about landscaping for private horse stables

Would you like more information about landscaping for private horse stables? Contact us or make an appointment online. We work together with experienced landscape architects and fence builders. This unique combination provides an attractive, practical and safe equine landscape.